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Granddaughter (following lesson by Robert Hagan), nfs

Hi! My name is Mary and I'm a self-taught artist, painting with acrylics in an impressionistic style. Over the years, I've collected a long list of terrific painting tutorials (all  free) that I'd like to share with you!   At "Let's Make a Painting" you'll find mostly oil painting and acrylic tutorials.   I've recently decided to separate watercolor paintings into a directory of their own, so "Let's Make a Painting #2, Watercolor Workshop" is born.

Every time I find another tutorial that looks interesting, I'll be adding to the list! If you have a tutorial or demonstration to suggest, please let me know!   I'm trying to make "Let's Make a Painting" a great resource for the best of the best painting tutorials available for free online.

As you study with these featured artists, ask yourself what it is about their work that you like.  Please leave comments and have fun painting!

If you're curious about my own painting style, here's a few ....

"Clay Pots" from a Jerry Yarnell tutorial, acrylics

"3 Boats" in acrylic after a watercolor by John Singer Sargent, nfs

"Coming Home" acrylic ● 

"Rio Theater" acrylic   ● 

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